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Professional Installation and Refinishing

Quality is Important to Us

When it comes to your hardwood floors, Mardeck's uses the most cost-effective refinishing techniques available. We can turn the most beaten and abused floors back to their original condition. We can also install new hardwood floors or other types of flooring.

Leave It to the Professionals

The craftsmanship demanded from installing or refinishing hardwood floors should not be overlooked. Doing it yourself or using an inexperienced contractor, will not save you much and can actually cost you more in the long run. Mardeck's specializes in working with a variety of wood finishes and has the experience necessary to achieve the most beautiful finish possible. Whether you are installing flooring or refinishing your floors, we are a great place to start.

Flooring Wooden Floor

Hardwood Refinishing

Our hardwood refinishing process will remove any scratches and stains. We'll sand them down, stain them a color of your choice and apply polyurethane to the surface.

We also provide the replacement of any damaged planks.

Hardwood Buff and Coat 

We'll restore your existing hardwood flooring by buffing the surface and applying 3 coats of water or oil based polyurethane.

This option is great to bring back the shine in your floor.

Floor Installation

We are specialized in the installation of a wide variety of flooring. Ranging from Hardwood Floors, Luxury Vinyl, Tile and Carpet, we can install your choice of flooring!


We specialize in Nail Downs, Glue Downs, Floating and many other Installation techniques.

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